Mogadao Qigong

Mogadao Qigong ( is a gentle, accessible, and soulful form of meditative movement originated by Zhenevere Sophia Dao from her studies of Daoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Mythology, Depth Psychology and Literature, and from her experience as a Transgender woman.

The Mogadao tradition is informed by the philosophy of Post Daoism. Post Daoism is a “justified ontology”, a philosophy that reinterprets the original teachings of Daoism to examine and honor our actual experience as human beings in these times. Centering the experience of marginalized, BIPOC and queer folk, Mogadao is a practice committed to embodying a life affirming and radical critique of the socio-political and cultural systems which dominate our time. Through somatic practices that reconnect us with our imagination and our original vitality, Mogadao seeks to enliven and empower the very aspects of our humanity that oppressive systems deny and seek to destroy:  the sovereignty of Soul and the recognition of our responsibility as humans to the constantly-in-motion Mystery that is the source, the purpose and the destination of our lives.

Mogadao QiGong works with the body, the breath and most importantly, with the imagination, to evoke the practitioner’s unique and original vital energy or Jing and to call it more fully into all aspects of body and life. The practice of these forms cultivates sensitivity and authenticity, the true foundations of health and power, enabling us to live into our full potential as individuals, and to more fully participate as human beings in the harmony of the Cosmic cycles of which we are a microcosmic part and on which we and all Beings depend.

I am currently awaiting testing to certify as a teacher of the following forms of Mogadao QiGong:

Three Pillars for Anxiety and Trauma
This is a series of three sets of five forms each that were created in response to the pandemic of anxiety and trauma, both biographical and societal, that is part and parcel of modern culture. The movements are designed to support deep relaxation, the generation of new nerve tissue and pathways and the preparation to move out into the field of expression and experience from a new place of stability.

Three Pillars for Grief
This is a version of Three Pillars which is a somatic journey designed to support and educate the bereaved person to fully embrace their loss, to allow their emotions to connect to their own deepest values, and to move towards their future from a new foundation of power and dignity that is sourced in their relationship with their own most authentic truths.

The Essential Goodness Form
This is a version of the third pillar of the Three Pillars form, practiced here in such a way as to enjoy, celebrate and increase the unobstructed flow of the life force through the body. The forms open us to an embrace of the essential goodness of our own self, of Spirit and of the worl connecting us to our seamless belonging as humans to the Cosmos of which we are a part.

The Immunity Form
The form was developed by Zhenevere in response to the COVID Pandemic to nourish and cultivate immunity and power. The movements strengthen our foundation and our life force in such a way as to cultivate health through the fulfillment of the inherent capacities of all our organs.

The Mythos Cycle
This is the original series of ten forms created by Zhenevere when as a young person she had to navigate chronic illness. The forms use movement and the imagination to promote self-healing and self-harmonization through the cultivation of exquisite sensitivity. They take us on a journey through the Five Realms: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, cultivating, circulating and refunding vital life force to all the major organ systems of the body, enabling them to better fulfill their physio-logical and psycho-spiritual functions. By calling on the imagination and on our own personal myths to remind us of the original and unique purpose of our soul and of our lives this form enlivens and ensouls the whole organism.

The Hieratic Stance Series
This is a series of static body postures fluidly connected into an arc that invite into our being a host of sacred qualities and powers central to embodying and living courageously from our full potential. The poses enhance, absorb and express a wide array of archetypal energies that prepare us for the circumstances of our lives and enable full engagement in the realm of experience.

Floating Heart Meditation
This is an embodied meditation practice designed to medicate states of anxiety and trauma. The practice soothes the nervous system, calms the heart and engenders deep relaxation and stability throughout the body. From that foundation we connect to our own essential goodness and open ourselves gently to the perspective of the infinite.

Jing Retrieval
This is an embodied meditation practice that uses the breath and the imagination as a foundational energy tonic. It actively draws latent or    recessed life force and sexual energy powerfully up into the body cultivating and increasing one’s reservoir of available vitality. The practice nourishes and strengthens access to one’s own original essence, thereby making it more available for action and expression in the world. We  become clearer and more confident about who we are, what we need and desire and how we might live into the full potential of our souls.