When I open my eyes in this time, I see not only the dysfunction and dissolution of every system we have created but the insufficiency, the aridity, the life choking and murderous denial of those systems, the very frameworks inside which we investigate and analyze, seek to understand and to repair, seek to imagine ourselves and the Universe, seek to imagine our place and purpose as human beings inside it.

We live in strange, challenging and ultimately exciting times. There is a new awareness of old systemic oppressions and inequities. There are political divisions deeper and more bitter than before. There is a global pandemic and a global lifestyle that threatens survival. There is an all-consuming and overwhelming flood of factual and fake information. There is a new level of human isolation and despair that is, I believe, co-existent with and linked to the fake inter-connectedness of social media, which denies and distracts us from the actual connectedness that supports and enables our lives. The apparent conflict white culture has set up between the “spiritual” and the “political” continues to engage me now in even more vital and more urgent ways, while continuing to refuse any kind of easy or fast resolution.

I find myself filled with a sense of an ever present, ever intensifying urgency to stop, to slow down, to listen; to answer the call to engage in a multi-layered reckoning with where we find ourselves, how we got here and how we might find our way back to right relationship with ourselves, each other and all the other beings with whom we share this exquisite planet.

Brought to our knees by something too tiny to be seen, I pray that this time leads us to a new commitment to repair; opens us to the power of our imaginations to lead us back to our true selves; connects us to the full glory of the universe of which we are a microcosm and a part; enlivens in us a new embodiment of our right place and purpose, a new appreciation of our deep belonging. May we learn to meet these times with humility and gratitude, choosing to kneel before the Mystery that sustains us. May we emerge more and more committed to feeding, sustaining and working with the sacredness of that Mystery, so that all of Life may thrive in the way it was created to do.

Though things look dark right now, darker than ever before in my lifetime, I am not ready to give up. I am not ready to abandon this beautiful planet, nor turn my back on the younger ones, born and not yet born, who are moving into their expression. My commitment – body, soul, sensitivity, the last years or decades of my life – is to Life, Life itself; to feeding the Mystery that makes possible and that constantly, gloriously and ultimately unknowably, moves through all things.