Mine To Carry: An Irishwoman’s Passage Through Forbidden Pregnancy:

A lushly written, lyrical and heart wrenching memoir telling the story of a woman whose indomitable spirit refuses to be trapped in a patriarchal culture. Mine to Carry recounts the author’s unplanned pregnancy as an unmarried Irish Catholic girl in 1981 and the forces that coerced her into surrendering her newborn son for adoption.

Her personal battle for reproductive autonomy coincides with the emerging feminist movement, into which she channels her pain and resistance to find a new life through activism for peace and justice.

A startling and inspiring read Mine to Carry won Grand Prize in the North Street Books Awards for best Self-Published Books of 2020.

Christine Mulvey’s memoir Mine to Carry is by far the strongest book I’ve encountered during the years I’ve helped to judge this contest. The writing is a perfectly woven tapestry of lyric description, narrative, dialogue, story, and philosophical and religious musings. It’s extremely hard to weave multiple strands into a perfect literary garment but Mulvey has done just that…We give this book the highest praise. It’s an important historical document about the intersection of women’s rights and cultural and legal norms. (Ellen LaFleche, North Street Awards Judge)


The Bruise of Your Absence

A chapbook collection of poems about Grief and Loss that are at once lyrical, elegiac and sensual.

Full of radiant connection to the natural world, these poems “navigate loss without self-pity and they radiate with meaning beyond gratuitous sentimentality.” (Lowell Jaeger, Montana Poet Laureate 2017-2019)

Diving below any easy answers or shallow escapes, Mulvey uses powerful imagery to engage us in moments of intimacy and ultimately, hope.” (Ingrid Keriotis, author of It Started with the Wild Horses)

Forthcoming books

A Dream of Flying:

A novel exploring the life of a passionate woman who dares to dream of an unusual, and perhaps impossible, life.

Set against the backdrop of the history of Aviation, World War Two, and an archly conservative Ireland in the throes of coming to terms with its newly acquired independence, the story’s heroine struggles to create a life that will give her the freedom she craves and the belonging she so desperately needs.

Measureless Silence:

A Chapbook collection of poems about the landscapes and the beings of the still wild places of the Western United States.

Infused with an intensely felt sense of place, together with a tender commitment to the sovereignty of the other-than- and more-than-human worlds, this collection brings together poems that feed the soul.

Together the poems call to human beings to heal the loneliness of the wasteland we have created by remembering our belonging to what is infinitely larger, and infinitely more enduring than ourselves.

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