Christine Mulvey

Generating Soulful Living

Award winning author of the memoir Mine To Carry, GRAND PRIZE WINNER across all genres of the Sixth Annual North Street Book Award for the best self published book in 2020.


Since I first became conscious, I have felt the call of the deep self, the beckoning of soul, the presence of Spirit, while at the same time being convinced of the preciousness, the beauty, the inseparability from all of that, of HERE – our planet and the place and people in whom I am enmeshed, through whom I exist.

While I draw on the Transcendent as Source and resource, I refuse it as mode of escape or way of evading, ignoring or “solving” the complexity and the pain of human being.

As activist and as artist, my work is a call to reverence and to inclusion, to find a way to care for and lift up all beings, human and other-than-human, particularly those marginalized, used and left out: women, indigenous, the wild. I celebrate the exquisite sensuality of embodiment and the fragile beauty of incarnation. And I give thanks for the magical power of the world beyond the human —  the beings and the cycles to which we belong, without which we cannot be.

And I pray that these times can teach us to face what we do not know, reach across our differences, open to Mystery and to Imagination so that together we can create ways to regenerate the Wasteland we have created; find new pathways through the forest, embody ways of Being, as yet unconceived or as old as Earth herself, presently forgotten but longing to be recalled: indigenous ways of Being that can bring us home again to the truth of our belonging.

I welcome your thoughts and reflections.

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